“Let me Help Communicate the Vision.”

Current Direct Qualifications

  • Current 2016-2017 GALEA Secretary.
  • Highly Qualified English Intervention Teacher for Arlington High School.
  • Active member in NEA, TEA and the local educational associations since 1993.
  • Municipal Local Steering Committee Member, assisted in GALEA by-laws.
  • Attended 2015 TEA Civi-cation, discussion with local State Representatives
  • Site Area Representative for several years, assisting in administrative mediation and working on a SCEA Communication Committee.



  • Masters in Teaching, University of Memphis
  • Masters of Communication, University of Southern California
  • Bachelor of Arts in Communication with Marketing Minor, Memphis State


Other Credentials

+Taught 19 years for Shelby County Schools:

English Standard/Honors, Speech Communication, Intro to Theatre, Intro to Film and Video and Television Production.

+Worked in Television Production/Advertising/Marketing for a decade:

WMC-TV, Walker and Associates, and Robinson and De La Rua Advertising, WEZI-AM/FM, WRVR-FM.

+Broadcast a television magazine school program for 20 years.

+Assisted in Bolton High School Main-Stage Theatre Productions for 15+ years.


Theatre Lock-ins, Scholastic Beauty Pageants, Talent Shows, Dances, etc.


Theatre Clubs, taking New York /California Trips (20-65 people).

+Attends Hope Presbyterian Church:

HS Committee Leader - Music Liaison & Communication.

Small Group Member/Leader/Instructor.

+Sings semi-professionally.